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Everyone! This tasty treat promotes a healthy anti-inflammatory response starting in the mouth and working its way down to all systems of the body.  Inflammation is the primary driver of disease, anytime we can bring down inflammation we are improving our overall health.



  • Help to support the health of the body, including the immune, cardiovascular, and GI systems
  • Help to support anti-inflammatory processes.

How it Works

Curcumin is the active anti-inflammatory property of turmeric.  This unique formula promotes ultimate absorption of curcumin into the bloodstream which makes this a dynamic powerful chew that tastes so delicious you’ll want to eat a whole jar.



60 chews of 100 mg of turmeric extract in every delicious “candylike” chew.  This product is non-GMO, gluten, dairy, and soy free.

Soy FreeNo TransfatNon GMOGluten FreeDairy Free 

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