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B Ultra

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Sam S.
My nails and hair are stronger

Risa recommended this to me and after a few weeks I noticed more energy and my nails and hair have become stronger. I am happy with this vitamin and will continue to buy it.

Brian R.
Better mood

I've noticed a huge improvement in my mood since taking this supplement. More energy also, but the being happier in my day-to-day activities is priceless. Thank you!

Rachel K
More energy!

I began taking this recently and WOW! What a game changer for my energy. I've taken other B vitamins in the past, but this one makes a huge difference most likely because quality ingredients and best for my methylation process (I have a MTFHR gene mutation).

Lauren G
LOVE Risa's B Vitamin

I seriously take this supplement every morning and I love it. I have the gene mutation MTHFR and this supplement is perfect for it! It also helps with my energy level. I notice my energy isn't as consistent the days I don't take it.

Melinda L
The Best B

More energy, and because I have a genetic defect (MTHF-R) I cant have any folic acid. This product is a complete complex B and has enough folate to meet my needs.